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Texans will judge Greg Abbott by the company he keeps

The Lone Star Project Video below contrasts Greg Abbott’s claims that he’ll protect Texas women and girls – with the words of his pal Ted Nugent – who brags about his abuse of minors.

When Greg Abbott insults our state’s border region and Latino communities across Texas by comparing them to a “third world country,” he is simply revealing what he truly believes. Abbott’s hostility to our state’s growing Latino population and its increasing political power isn’t new - it’s been expressed in his public record for years.

Desperately dialing for dollars

After learning Wendy Davis pulled in $12 million in just six months, Greg Abbott hit the panic button.

Greg Abbott Audio Confirms He's Part of the Wendy Davis Smear Campaign

Audio obtained by the Lone Star Project proves that Greg Abbott is on-board with the hateful smear campaign against Wendy Davis.

10 Things Greg Abbott’s Supporters Say That He Should be Called on to Condemn

For weeks, Greg Abbott has allowed a collection of right-wing hacks, online bomb throwers and paid campaign consultants – including his New Hampshire-based chief strategist Dave Carney – to front for him by orchestrating a series of false personal attacks against Wendy Davis and her family.


Lone Star Reports

Thousands in State Qualified "Officeholder" Funds Spent on Airplane and Fundraising Staff Later used in Federal Campaign

Official documents filed with the Texas Ethics Commission show that in 2001, Henry Cuellar spent over $18,000 in State qualified "officeholder" funds to upgrade and maintain his corporation's airplane and to pay for fundraising staff that worked on his 2002 federal campaign for Congress.

Oral Argument Update

The Lone Star Project has established itself as an authority on Texas redistricting and a reliable souce of facts related to the pending Supreme Court case.

See the Lone Star Project results:

DOJ support for DeLay’s Texas Redistricting plan puts nearly half of nation’s African American districts in legal jeopardy

In an amicus (“friend of the court”) brief to the Supreme Court filed on Wednesday, February 1,2006, the Bush Justice Department signaled that it will no longer aggressively defend congressional

Congressional Redistricting and DeLay's Ethics Problems Cost Texas Clout

While the media and politicians typically focus on the partisan battles that take place in Congress, many important decisions, particularly the appropriation of funds, are settled on a regional

Sessions May Have Traded Official Acts for Foreign Trips and Contributions

An analysis of recent press accounts and public documents raises serious questions regarding whether a number of Congressman Pete Sessions’ (R – Dallas) official acts were connected to an all-expense paid trip to exotic Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and to the receipt