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Lonestar Reports

20 years in office – Only 30 minutes spent debating

During Greg Abbott’s nearly 20 years in political office drawing a state paycheck, he has spent only 30 minutes participating in public debates during general elections.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

In Texas, we don’t call anyone a coward, unless we mean it and can back it up. Greg Abbott is a coward.

Campaign Frantically Plans to Bus In Outside Supporters

It’s no secret that Greg Abbott has been having real trouble generating support from Hispanic voters, particularly Texans who live near our border.

In fact, he's frightened by even the notion of facing fair-minded Texans who live in our border region. That's why he refused to allow a live audience at his debate with Wendy Davis on September 19th in McAllen. Abbott fears the reaction of a live audience as he tries to defend a record of hostility to Hispanic Texans.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

The term “deadbeat” is used to describe adults who don’t fulfill their obligation to kids. Greg Abbott’s failure to fulfill his responsibility to help provide a good public education to Texas kids makes him the state’s biggest deadbeat.

It's not even close – the Queen

As Texans prepare to celebrate Labor Day – honoring those who've fought for the American ideal of a fair day's pay for a fair day's work – there's new evidence that Greg Abbott's work for the people of Texas isn't his top priority.

Greg Abbott spends less time on official business here in Texas than the Queen of England does conducting her royal duties from Buckingham Palace.


Lone Star Reports

Files bogus ballot challenge to deny voters a choice in SD10

Kim Brimer didn’t waste any time finding the low road in his campaign against popular mainstream Democratic opponent Wendy Davis.

Dan Barrett bounces Mark Shelton bringing Texas Democrats within five seats of a State House majority

Dan Barrett won 52.2% of the vote yesterday in a special election runoff for Texas State Rep. District 97. District 97 was a Republican stronghold that gave George W. Bush 63.9% of the vote in 2004.

Craddic committee directive and GOP vote suppression think tank will attempt to justify denying Texans access to the ballot

Academic studies, media reports and fact based voter analysis consistently demonstrate that systematic, widespread or frequent voter fraud in Texas, or anywhere else in the United States, simply does not exist.

Lone Star Project supported legal claim details lies and defamation in GOP vote suppression scheme

A 2006 cynical smear campaign and voter suppression scheme orchestrated by Republican State House Representative Tony Goolsby (HD102, Dallas), along with Dallas County Republican Party Chair Kenn George and a Dallas GOP consultant, may have backfired.

John Cornyn Shamelessly Exploiting Our Troops

Last week, John Cornyn cynically demonstrated that he cares a lot more about campaign cash than defending our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Cornyn exposed the real purpose for his red hot rhetoric surrounding the ad in a recent email asking for donations to his campaign in

Meanwhile, Republican Candidates Bail on GOP Straw Poll

TDP ePrimary Poll – Open to all Texans

Lone Star Project poll and research show Kim Brimer unknown, vulnerable

A recent Lone Star Project poll reveals that Republican State Senator Kim Brimer has squandered almost 20 years in public office to remain largely unknown in his own backyard.

John Cornyn cloaks himself in predictable conservative rhetoric. An examination of facts, however, shows his words are a paper-thin veneer concealing a voting record supporting runaway deficit spending and long-term federal debt.

Review the report below detailing Cornyn ignoring red ink and carrying water for failed and irresponsible Republican budgets. Then visit the Lone Star Project’s Cardboard Conservative Clubhouse  and give John Cornyn attire appropriate for his record rather than his rhetoric.

Fact: Tom DeLay remains under felony indictment, facing criminal money laundering charges