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Lone Star Project Report

Statement on Abbott's State of the State

Today Governor Greg Abbott gave his State of the State address. Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement:

"It wasn’t intentional, but Greg Abbott’s “State of the State” address plainly laid out his own failures and fearful nature. Nearly every problem he identified as a priority has been made worse by his own inept actions and weak leadership. It’s disorienting for Texans used to a strong Governor – whether Democrat or Republican – to adjust to Greg Abbott’s passive-aggressive style.
"Child Protective Services fell into crisis under Greg Abbott’s watch as Attorney General, and has gotten even worse during his time as Governor.  Abbott is far more of a threat to Texas kids than he is a protector.  His solution is to unload the responsibility for child safety to volunteers and good hearts, while turning his own attention and cold heart to his selfish political needs.
"Greg Abbott has put jobs and our growing economy on the shakiest ground in decades.  A Texas economy considered bulletproof is clearly not Abbott-proof. Abbott heard all the warnings about falling oil prices but did nothing, leaving Texans to suffer for his inaction.  His record on jobs and the economy is sitting idly by while Texas fell from 3rd to 21st in economic strength

"One of the biggest problems we face that wasn’t addressed today is how to overcome and adjust to an inept Governor who dodges most problems and bungles the ones he can’t avoid."