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Lone Star Project Report

Statement on Ken Paxton's Trial

Today it was confirmed that Attorney General Ken Paxton will stand trial for criminal securities fraud charges on May 1st, Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement:

"Ken Paxton is running out of rope.  For more than two years, Paxton used every legal trick in the book to dodge a prison sentence and escape responsibility for his felony crimes. Now, finally, justice is catching up with him, and Ken Paxton must stand trial for his crimes.
"During his two year run from the law, Paxton has been given political shelter by Greg Abbott at the expense of Texans who deserve a full-time Attorney General. Instead of speaking out for the good of Texans stuck with an AG preoccupied by desperate efforts to duck jail time, Abbott has praised and protected Ken Paxton.  Paxton’s guilt and punishment now will be determined by a judge and a jury.  Voters are left knowing that Greg Abbott, time and again, put his crooked political partner and the good of his party ahead of the interests of Texans.”