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Lone Star Project Report

Statement on Texas Appealing Voter ID to the U.S. Supreme Court

Earlier today the State of Texas announced they would appeal the voter ID decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to the United States Supreme Court. Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement: 
"Why did Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton reverse field and decide to appeal the Texas voter ID case to the U.S. Supreme Court?  It’s a good bet that Donald Trump’s unfounded voter fraud rants over the last few days have made Abbott and Paxton insecure about their own political base, so they’ve caved in using Texans’ money. 

"Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton and other Texas Republicans are terrified by the prospect that every Texan who can vote, might vote, so it’s no surprise that they will spend more Texans’ tax dollars to defend a discriminatory law.  That’s what they do.  

"The most conservative federal appeals court in our country ruled that the Texas voter ID law is illegally discriminatory.   Appealing the 5th Circuit’s decision is an overt act of hostility – not just against African American and Hispanic Texans, but against every Texan who has to foot the bill to defend discrimination."