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Lone Star Project Report

Statement on the Trump Tax

Earlier today President Donald Trump's White House proposed a 20% tax on goods and services from Mexico, Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement:

"Today Donald Trump proposed raising taxes on Texans by nearly $17 billion dollars. The response to the Trump Tax hike so far from Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and other Texas Republican leaders: crickets. 

"No surprise really, under Greg Abbott's and Dan Patrick’s watch, the Texas economy has dropped from 3rd to 21st. The inaction of Texas Republicans isn’t just political cowardice; it’s hurting Texans everywhere from the Panhandle to Pasadena.

"Abbott, Patrick, and others like to talk tough, but they’re soft as a pillow. Sitting quietly while Donald Trump threatens a massive tax increase is not only an endorsement, but also exposes shameful weakness on the part of Texas Republican leaders."