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Stefani Carter gets desperate, goes to the gutter

Dallas Morning News calls Carter's false attacks "misleading"

Beware of the Carter Campaign Stalker

Carter's paid stalker

In an effort to harass and intimidate State Representative Carol Kent and Dallas voters, Stefani Carter and/or her allies have hired a stalker with a video camera. The stalker wears a hat pulled low and dark glasses to hide his identity. He has been seen creeping between parked cars video-taping Ms. Kent and her supporters.

Stefani launches the Big Lie
Last week, Stefani Carter viciously attacked Representative Carol Kent, accusing Ms. Kent of improper housing reimbursements. The attack is blatantly false. The very campaign records Carter cites actually make it clear that Rep. Kent has carefully followed the letter of the law.

The Dallas Morning News called the Carter attack "misleading" and confirmed that Rep. Kent has acted properly and within House rules.

Republican leader rebuts Carter

In fact, while Carter was attacking Carol Kent, the Chair of the House Republican Caucus issued a joint statement with the Democratic Chair that directly rebuts Stefani Carter’s false claim.

Why is Stefani desperate?

Typically friends and co-workers make up the core of a candidates support, not with Stefani Carter.  In a rare endorsement, Stefani Carter’s employers have rejected her campaign and endorsed Carol Kent. Those who know Stefani Carter best also know she cannot be trusted to represent them in Austin.

Carter’s Dishonest Record

In her brief time as a candidate, Stefani Carter has built a record of startling dishonesty

  • Plagiarism
  • False Employment History
  • Lying on her Resume