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Straus’s House

Corruption condoned and rewarded

It has been more than three weeks since Republican State Representative Joe Driver admitted stealing nearly $50,000 from Texas taxpayers by pocketing state reimbursement for travel and hotel expenses already covered by his campaign. However, Republican Speaker of the House Joe Straus has yet to utter a word of disapproval for Driver’s corrupt actions.

Crooked acts by Republican House members have repeatedly been ignored – and sometimes even rewarded – by Straus. Joe Driver’s apparent crime is beyond the pale and demands that Straus immediately:

  • remove Driver from the House Appropriations Committee,
  • publicly support the criminal investigation of Driver by the Travis County District Attorney,
  • and surrender all House financial records involving Driver to the DA.

Call Joe Straus and tell him to “clean house” and stop rewarding corruption by his friends like Joe Driver.

Austin Office: (512) 463-1000

San Antonio Office: (210) 828-4411

Straus' House – Corruption Roll Call

Straus and Friends 
  Harper-Brown          Bohac          Straus             Driver          Anderson    

The Speaker of the Texas House is ultimately responsible for ensuring the integrity of its members and taking disciplinary action against corrupt acts. The Speaker’s actions signal to State Representatives what is acceptable and what is not. At least four Republican House members are mired in shameful scandals. Yet, Joe Straus has not only condoned these members but rewarded them.