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Texas Director of Elections Needs to Apologize to Voters

Political Appointee Uses Voter's Concern over Required ID to Attack Wendy Davis and Spread Misinformation

Read Keith Ingram’s letter and then the memo from Mr. Hebert and draw your own conclusions:

State Elections Director Keith Ingram has absolutely no experience overseeing elections–and it shows.

Ingram was tapped by Governor Perry to head the state elections system after he had served for years in Perry’s appointment office.

In a sworn deposition, Ingram acknowledged that his previous jobs focused on routine legal work and choosing political appointees. (Read Ingram's testimony here)

Ingram needs to be reminded that he is no longer a political hack working for Rick Perry or any political party. He is working for the people of Texas. His job is to make sure voters are informed and elections are run fairly and legally. He should not use his official office to make false political charges.

Voter Files Grievance, Gets Grief from Ingram

A Texas voter recently filed a grievance over the controversial changes in Texas voter ID laws. Ingram wrote her back, blaming the disruption and changes in routine on Senator Wendy Davis. He misled the voter on what the trouble was and who had caused it–and he appears to have done it for purely partisan reasons.

National voting rights and election expert J. Gerald Hebert has written a memo calling out Texas Secretary of State Director of Elections Ingram for sending correspondence to Texas voters misinforming them about the Texas Photo ID law and for using his official position to make false statements about State Senator Wendy Davis.

Mr. Hebert called Ingram’s letter “grossly inaccurate” and said that it “appears to be an intentional effort to mislead the voter and to improperly criticize Senator Davis.”