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Top Perry Confidant Calls for an End to the Voting Rights Act

Texas GOP wants Supreme Court to kill the Voting Rights Act

Who is Ted Delisi?


Delisi is a deeply embedded political confidant to Rick Perry and a host of other statewide Republican politicians. He is closely tied to Karl Rove and acquired Rove’s direct mail and voter contact business after Rove began working fulltime for George W. Bush. Delisi’s wife, Diedre served as Rick Perry’s Chief of Staff and now works on his Presidential campaign. It is fair to accept that Ted Delisi’s views on the US Voting Rights Act reflect the views of Rick Perry and the broad leadership of Republicans in Texas. (Sources: Delisi Communications, Austin American Statesman)

In a live radio interview last week, top Texas GOP operative and Rick Perry insider,Ted Delisi, removed any doubt that Perry, Greg Abbott and the Texas Republican leadership see the Texas redistricting litigation before the US Supreme Court as a chance to end the US Voting Rights Act.

During an interview on Houston radio News 92 FM, responding to a question from host Scott Braddock, Delisi bluntly said it's time for the Voting Rights Act to be "history."

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Texas Republicans Want to Kill the Voting Rights Act

Will you help stop them?



Every dollar raised online by the Lone Star Project will be used to support the legal, administrative and technical costs of plaintiffs opposing Texas Republicans and fighting for a fair and legal redistricting plan. Please give $25, $50, $100 or any amount you can afford to stop the attack on the Voting Rights Act and protect fair districts for Texas.