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Will Ken Paxton Sabotage the Criminal Prosecution Against Him?

Paxton using special treatment and friends to undermine prosecutors and hold himself above the law

Most criminal defendants don’t have political cronies holding the purse strings of the lawyers prosecuting them or have millionaire friends willing to use money to pressure and undermine prosecutors. Ken Paxton has both and is using them aggressively.

This week news broke that a Collin County millionaire hired an out-of-state law firm to argue that legal fees paid to the lawyers prosecuting Ken Paxton must be capped at only $33,000. In addition, the Collin County Commissioners Court passed a resolution calling for the fees to be held to no more than $33,000. No one should be surprised.

The millionaire is Jeff Blackard, a Paxton friend and donor. Paxton is named as a defendant in a property development lawsuit in Corpus Christi that accuses Blackard of using his influence with law makers to change the laws regarding deed restrictions. Blackard clearly is willing to spend his own money to provide legal pressure off the books on Ken Paxton’s behalf in order to influence public officials. Also, all five members of the Collin County Commissioners Court are partisan Republicans. Paxton and Collin County Judge, Keith Self, are close political allies and have supported each other even in hotly contested Republican primaries.

Prosecuting white collar felony crimes is complicated and time consuming under almost any circumstances. When the defendant is the Texas Attorney General, the need for thorough, high caliber legal work by the prosecution is greater than ever to ensure justice. Holding prosecution legal expenses to only $33,000 would certainly sabotage the case against Ken Paxton and leave Texans stuck with a corrupt Attorney General.

John Branch/San Antonio Express-News

Paxton holding himself above the law

Even while editorial writers point to new reasons to question Ken Paxton’s integrity, he holds himself above the law, using cronies and political ties and legal manipulation to first try and avoid indictment, and now avoid prosecution and conviction. Here just a few examples:

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