Strayhorn Has Not Stopped Payments to All Washington DC Lobbyists

Texas Payments to Lobbyist with Ties to Strayhorn and DeLay Continue
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Texas Comptroller Carol Strayhorn’s decision to suspend payments to the Washington lobby firm of Cassidy and Associates may, on first blush, seem like a timely and responsible act. However, upon closer examination, Strayhorn’s actions appear to have stopped far short of halting improper payments to lobbyists and raise questions about her own close relationship with Washington lobbyists who have political ties to Tom DeLay.

Strayhorn Statement Inconsistent With Her Actions

In her statement announcing the payment suspension, Strayhorn said, “Texas state law clearly prohibits tax dollars being spent to lobby the state legislature and prohibits spending for influencing or supporting candidates at the state or federal level. By any measure, using tax dollars to pay a private firm to lobby the federal government or members of Congress is a wholly inappropriate and unwise use of public money.” (Strayhorn Press Release, 3/22/06) However, Strayhorn is still allowing large lobby payments to the DC based Federalist Group to continue. Read the rest of full release

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