Reports of Paxton Recusals Means It’s Time for Him to Step Down

Statement by Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle
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“With Ken Paxton, Texans are stuck with a part-time AG and a full-time criminal defendant. Ken Paxton has come to define illegal and unethical behavior in a public official. Paxton needs to leave the AG office and devote all of his time to avoiding the state penitentiary.”


Today, the highly respected legal news publication Texas Lawyer confirmed that felony indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton has recused himself from many duties as Attorney General because of an ongoing conflict of interest with the criminal prosecution against him. Due to his felony indictment and prosecution, Paxton cannot participate in AG duties involving activities as fundamental as state securities violations and matters pending before the Texas Ethics Commission. 
The Texas Lawyer story reads in part ($), “The office has screened Paxton’s participation in matters pertaining to his pending charges, any of the five law firms that represent him against those charges, and anything involving the State Securities Board or the Texas Ethics Commission…”
Just last month, Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle called on Ken Paxton to step down from his day-to-day duties and pointed to the ongoing conflicts between Paxton’s illegal actions and his responsibilities as AG.  The story today amplifies the urgent need for Paxton to step down.

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