Statement on Trump Care

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Today the the Congressional Budget Office released their score of the Republican health care bill. Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement:

“John Culberson and Pete Sessions knew that tens of millions would lose health insurance when they voted for Trump Care. Culberson and Sessions knew that insurance premiums for seniors and thousands of other Texans would skyrocket.  Both knew that expecting moms would lose health care for themselves and their unborn child.  It’s clear enough that Sessions and Culberson have pledged their allegiance to Donald Trump and turned their backs on Texans.  On every vote that has mattered, they’ve embraced Donald Trump and stiff-armed their constituents. I expect they’ll both go into a full speed backpedal and try to talk their way out of bed with Trump, but the record doesn’t lie – Culberson and Sessions have voted with Donald Trump 100% of the time.” 

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