Statement on DOJ Reversal on Texas Voter ID

Despite five findings of discrimination, DOJ will support Texas Republican vote suppression
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Five times federal judges have found that Texas Republicans discriminated against minority Texans in passing the voter ID law. However today, the Department of Justice reversed its six-year position on the Texas voter ID law. The Jeff Sessions DOJ said that changes enacted by the Texas Legislature during the 2017 legislative session removed the discriminatory effects of the law enacted by Texas Republicans in 2011Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement: 

“The Department of Justice has completed the conversion from a vote protector to a vote suppressor.  By completely reversing its position on the discriminatory Texas voter ID law, the Trump/Sessions DOJ is now openly hostile to the notion of African Americans and Hispanics fairly participating in elections in Texas – and likely anywhere else in the country.
“We’ve had Republican Justice Departments who failed to adequately enforce our voting laws.  But, the Trump/Sessions DOJ is the first to overtly attack and attempt to dismantle the Voting Rights Act. The Trump/Sessions DOJ is now openly lining up with the forces who engage in intentional discrimination.”

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