Lone Star Spotlight: Working for Texans’ Voting Rights – Even When Nobody Is Watching

Veasey, Dunn and Hebert courageously fought for Texas voters and won
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The legal battle to protect Texas voters against a law designed to suppress turnout and deny basic voting rights has been raging for over five years.  Yesterday, was the sixth decision by federal judges striking down Texas’ Voter ID law, ruling that the discriminatory Texas law creates an illegal barrier for Texans of color to exercise their constitutional right to vote.
Whenever a tough and protracted legal battle is won, plenty of credit is deserved by all of those who joined the effort.  However, special praise and acknowledgment goes to those with the courage and tenacity to plan, file and fight the battle from beginning to end.  They are the ones who weighed in hard when others held back.  They do the hard and the right thing for Texas voters – even when nobody is watching
That’s why today, we shine the Lone Star Spotlight on lead plaintiff Congressman Marc Veasey and his outstanding legal counsel, Chad Dunn and J. Gerald Hebert, who took the lead, took the lumps and are winning the case against the discriminatory Texas voter ID law.
Congressman Marc Veasey was the first Texas public official to take a formal legal stand against the discriminatory Texas voter ID law.  He put his name and integrity on the line to protect Texas voters.  Through the back-and-forth and ups-and-downs of contentious litigation, he has never wavered.
Attorneys Chad Dunn and J. Gerald Hebert, masterfully demonstrated how the Texas law – more egregious than any other voter ID law in the country – overtly and illegally discriminates against voters of color in Texas denying them their basic right to vote.  Round and after round, they argued and won – usually working on a pro-bono basis.
Texas voters should commend their heroic work for defending the fundamental right to vote.
This fight is far from over.  Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton have already spent millions in Texas taxpayer funds to defend their discriminatory actions.  Expect them to appeal the most recent ruling and to spend millions more in their relentless effort to limit participation in Texas elections.
Here at the Lone Star Project, we are proud to support Congressman Veasey and his outstanding legal team.  We salute their outstanding work and stand with them as the battle moves forward. 


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