The 2017 Labor Day BBQ Buzzkills

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On Labor Day, we celebrate the value of hard work and acknowledge that working men and women united in their commitment to protect and strengthen families have made invaluable contributions to our nation that are often taken for granted – the 40-hour work weekovertime pay, the end of child labor, and weekends!
But here in Texas, Republican leaders and legislators not only disrespect working men and women, they attack basic employee rights and protections.  So if you’re preparing your invitation list for a Labor Day BBQ, we want to make sure you don’t invite any of these 2017 BBQ Buzzkills who are openly hostile to millions of hardworking Texas families:
State Senator Joan Huffman (SD17 – Houston): Texas firefighters, police officers, correction officers and teachers don’t just work hard for a living, they save lives and inspire us all.  Apparently, that doesn’t mean much to Joan Huffman.  This year she carried a bill that blocks state employees from deciding what type of voluntary deductions can come from their paychecks.  Essentially, Huffman wants to dictate to state workers how they spend their own hard earned wagesIn a committee hearing in 2015 on the same type of bill, a Texas school teacher told legislators in Austin: “… I promise you that I earn every penny of the paycheck I receive each month. How I spend my money, and what I have deducted from that paycheck that I earn, should be my choice…”
State Senator Konni Burton (SD10—Colleyville):  Texans want their tax dollars to be spent on American made products to help create jobs and strengthen our economy here at home.  In a rare show of bipartisanship, Democrats and Republicans got together to pass a “Buy American” bill that requires the state of Texas to spend tax dollars on American made iron and steel. The bill would keep Texans’ tax dollars at home and help create good paying American jobs.  Instead of siding with American workers, Burton voted against the “Buy American” jobs bill four separate times.
State Rep. Rodney Anderson (HD105—Grand Prairie): Texas moms and dads know firsthand how taxes and fees can add up and strain the family budget. While Rodney Anderson uses all the right tax buzzwords, his votes tell a different story. When presented an opportunity to oppose a hidden fee for Texans who use their debit card to buy groceries, gas and school supplies, Rodney “The Texas Taxer” Anderson took the big government tax approach and voted to impose hidden fees on Texas families.  
State Rep Bill Zedler (HD96 – Arlington): Texas teachers work hard and often even reach into their own pockets to buy supplies and provide personal support in other ways.  Republican State Representative Bill Zedler showed his appreciation by trying to ambush teachers and take away their right to make some payments as direct paycheck deductions.  Fortunately, Zedler’s attack on Texas teachers fell flat and was defeated by a coalition of Democrats and Republicans.


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