Will Trump’s Texas Backers Get a Pass on Guilty Plea and Collusion Indictments?

Texas media has tough but crucial job getting Texas Republicans on the record.
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Texas Republicans delivered Donald Trump more electoral votes in 2016 than any other state.  And, with Joe Straus bailing out as Texas House Speaker, Texas Republican leaders sit as one of the largest and most influential blocs of committed Trump supporters.  Yet, expect that the political art of ducking the press when possible—and avoiding direct answers when it’s not—will be on grand display today. Early news reports already calling “Trump’s Texas allies mum.”

It will take creativity and persistence by Texas political reporters and their editors to get key Texas GOP leaders on the record so that they can be held accountable as the Trump-Russia collusion scandal plays out.

Texas GOP Leaders Who Should Speak Up Now

All of the following Texas GOP Statewide and congressional leaders are now Trump loyalists while also holding some of the most powerful political positions in the country.  Texans deserve to hear from them on the Trump-Russia collusion indictments and guilty plea.

  • Governor Greg Abbott:  Abbott’s passive aggressive style bends easily to the overbearing blowhard Donald Trump. 
  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick:  Patrick more reflects than compliments Donald Trump.  Like Trump, Patrick uses political theatrics, distraction and half-truths to drive an ideological agenda.
  • Senator John Cornyn:  Cornyn is the second ranking leader in the U.S. Senate and a crucial Trump apologist and enabler.
  • Senator Ted Cruz:  Cruz was the runner-up to Trump for the GOP Presidential nomination.  Even though Trump launched vicious personal attacks that extended to Cruz’s wife and even his elderly father, Cruz has swallowed all pride and become a docile Trump defender. 

Seven Texas Members of Congress sit as full committee Chairs:

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