When will Greg Abbott Call on Barton and Farenthold to Resign Their Congressional Seats?

Refusal to demand resignations exposes Abbott’s moral failure
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As Texas Governor and the leader of Texas Republicans, Greg Abbott has a political and moral responsibility to demand ethical behavior by other Texas Republican leaders. 
Over recent days, Texans learned about the revolting behavior of Republican Congressman Joe Barton (CD6 – Ennis), the senior Texas Republican Member of Congress and the longest serving Texas federal representative from either party.  On several instances, Barton engaged in foul sexting with women – even while he was married.  On at least one instance, Barton used a Facebook account to send a disgusting nude picture exposing his genitals.
Just today, we learned that Congressman Blake Farenthold (CD27 – Corpus Christi) used $84,000 in taxpayer funds to pay a sexual harassment settlement after he sexually harassed a female staff member, telling her that he had “sexual fantasies” about her and experienced “wet dreams”.  Reports also disclose that Farenthold regularly “drank to excess”.
The moral and ethical failures of Barton and Farenthold are apparent and show them both unfit to continue representing people in their districts or Texans anywhere. Less obvious but just as important is the failure so far of Governor Greg Abbott to condemn the behavior of Barton and Farenthold.
Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle:
“Greg Abbott seldom fails to assume moral authority to justify both his official and political actions.  Abbott surrenders any claim to moral authority or responsible leadership unless he immediately calls on Barton and Farenthold to resign their seats.”

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