Russian Connection to Jade Helm Gives Abbott Another Chance to Apologize

Abbott insulted U.S. Special Forces & ignored Russian hacking in Texas
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The 2015 Jade Helm military exercises provided an ideal opportunity for the Russians to conduct a test run of their social media strategy to create dissension and divide Americans against each other.  They were likely thrilled with the results – especially the reaction of Governor Greg Abbott.
Instead of explaining the facts, calming his wacky political base and expressing confidence in the U.S. military, Abbott pandered to the kooky GOP foil hat fringe by directing the Texas State Guard to monitor the Jade Helm operations.  Rather than thank the Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets and other special forces conducting the military exercises, Abbott insulted them.  Abbott indirectly implied that U.S. forces might somehow be part of a preposterous plan to impose federal martial law in Texas.
In hindsight, confirmation that the hysteria around the Jade Helm 15 was ginned up by the Russians is no surprise.  Russian interference in our 2016 elections and their ongoing efforts to shake and weaken American confidence in our democracy is a matter of fact.  However, it is surprising – and appalling – that Greg Abbott has yet to apologize to the U.S. Special Forces he insulted more than three years ago. 
In fact, all Texans deserve an apology and an explanation from Greg Abbott.  From Jade Helm in 2015 to credible evidence that Russians staged phony events in Texas and tried to hack Texas voter data bases, Abbott has been unwilling to acknowledge or try to stop Russian interference.  Even on matters that effect the integrity and security of free elections, Abbott has put personal and partisan politics ahead of Texas citizens. 
The Lone Star Project called on Abbott to apologize back in 2015.  He wouldn’t do it then.  Now, given the confirmation that Russians were behind the Jade Helm hysteria, Greg Abbott needs to guts-up, admit he was wrong and say that he’s sorry. 

Whether he was duped by the Russians or pandering to the wacky GOP fringe, Greg Abbott owes U.S. Special Forces and all Texans an apology along with his commitment to put politics aside and protect Texas citizens.


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