OOPS: Burton Demands FW Schools Release Information Already Available

Burton teams up with indicted AG Ken Paxton to falsely attack local schools
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Tea Party/Trump Party Republican Konni Burton (SD10 – Southlake) hitched a ride on Ken Paxton’s high horse to charge backwards into a bogus attack on the Fort Worth Independent School District designed to drive a wedge between parents and school officials.

Paxton & Burton Demand Information Already Available

In an effort to divert attention away from the felony criminal charges pending against him, Ken Paxton sent a letter to the FWISD demanding that details of sexual health curriculum taught in the Fort Worth public schools be released to parents. 
Shortly after Paxton’s letter was made public, Konni Burton issued a press release joining the demand that the curriculum details be released.
However, there’s a problem with the Paxton/Burton play to drive a wedge between Fort Worth parents and teachers; the information they are demanding is already available to any parent that requests it
According to Fort Worth ISD, any parent can request to see the curriculum being used, and all parents are notified prior to students beginning a course covering human sexuality, giving them the option to withdraw their child from the course.

Don’t Expect Burton or Paxton to Apologize. Expect More of the Same.

We doubt that the Paxton letter and Burton release are in fact mistakes.  Their effort is a ploy to stir controversy, strike a moralist tone and divide parents and school officials against one another – all the while exciting core Tea Party/Trump Party Republican activists.
After more than three years in the State Senate, Konni Burton has narrowed rather than broadened her support within Tarrant County.  More than ever, she owes her allegiance to her biggest supporters – Austin-based ideological interests and west Texas donors.
Ken Paxton is running for re-election while under felony indictment, and a conviction will likely send him to prison.  Paxton is not going to let facts get in the way to a divisive political stunt sure to stir his most ardent activists.

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