They’ve Got Konni in Their Pocket

Burton raises 1/3 of funds from lobbyists and special interest ideologues.
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Konni Burton makes little effort to connect or identify with voters in neighborhoods within Senate District 10 – and it shows in her most recent financial report.

Burton raised $341,717 during the last reporting period.  Nearly a third of funds raised during the last reporting period came from just six donors who all live outside Tarrant County and who support and/or represent the most destructive and divisive forces within Texas politics.

  • Insurance Industry Lobby PAC:  Konni’s largest single donor is Texans for Lawsuit Reform – a hard right ideological special interest PAC that shills for the insurance industry and opposes civil justice for Texas citizens.  Most recently, the group pushed a law to delay Hurricane Harvey victims’ access to insurance payouts needed to recover from the massive storm.
  • Trump Party Republican leader, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick:  Konni’s second largest donor is Donald Trump’s lead supporter in Texas.  Patrick’s political career has been defined by his efforts to divide Texans against one another using destructive issues like the job killing bathroom bill. 
  • Empower Texans Benefactors: Three other Burton donors who each contributed $10,000 or more have direct connections to the notoriously destructive special interest PAC, Empower Texans.  Empower Texans regularly attacks public schools and demands that taxpayers fund private school vouchers.  The organization is Chaired by west Texas billionaire ideologue Tim Dunn.  It’s day-to-day operations are run by controversial right fringe political operative Michael Quinn Sullivan, who is embroiled in a legal battle involving him improperly lobbying Texas lawmakers.
  • Sleazy Loan Shark:  Another top Burton donor is Dallas-based predatory lender Cash Store, whose sleazy loan shark operation was exposed in a Texas Observer investigative report

When seeking office in 2014, Konni Burton wore the Tea Party banner proudly and portrayed herself as an independent conservative voice.  Nearly four years later, Konni has shown her true stripes.  She is in fact a Tea Party/Trump Party ideologue, but she takes her marching orders from Austin. Burton is often hostile and, on her best days, indifferent the needs and concerns of Senate District voters in Tarrant County.

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