Dallas Morning News Endorses Beverly Powell Over Konni Burton

Beverly Powell’s business experience, education background and problem-solving sensibilities chosen over divisive, ideologically driven Tea Party/Trump Party incumbent Konni Burton.
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On Democrat Beverly Powell:

•    “Powell’s extensive background as a business owner and school board member will be assets in the upcoming legislative session…”as lawmakers grapple with school financing.”

•    “Powell strongly supports additional state financing for K-12 and higher education to keep Texas competitive.”


On Republican Konni Burton:

•    Burton, “has delivered mostly party-line votes and run a campaign focused on political sound bites and issues that would hurt Texas’ competitiveness.”

•    Burton, “hasn’t effectively balanced the need to properly shepherd taxpayer dollars with the need to invest in our state’s future, and that her social agenda would lead Texas in the wrong direction.”

We recommend Beverly Powell for state Senate District 10


Why the SD10 Race is Important and Why Beverly Powell Deserves Your Support – even if you don’t live in SD10

•    Senate District 10 is the most competitive State Senate seat in Texas and the ONLY State Senate district not gerrymandered by Republicans in 2011.  If Konni Burton is re-elected, the Republicans will redraw SD10 in 2021 to destroy the voting rights of its minority citizens and make it safe for extreme Tea Party Republicans like Konni Burton.

•    Tea Party Republican Konni Burton is a top priority ofEmpower Texans and Dan Patrick, who are funneling right-wing ideological funds and special interest lobby money to help save her.  Dan Patrick is Donald Trump’s top Texas supporter and, without question, the most destructive and ideologically partisan Lt. Governor in modern Texas history.  Electing Beverly Powell sends the strongest possible message against Patrick-style division and a in support of mainstream sensibilities.

How you can help

Counter Dan Patrick’s Special Interest Divisive Dollars with a Contribution to Beverly Powell.

Give to Beverly Powell Here

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