What’s the First Step in Winning a Texas House Democratic Majority?

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Protecting 12 Democratic Freshmen!

A dozen new Democrats make all the difference. 

Don’t let anyone tell you Republican leaders somehow saw the light during the last legislative session.  Republicans didn’t moderate themselves.  They were forced to the middle by the election of twelve mainstream, common-sense Democrats who replaced destructive Republicans and closed within just nine seats of a State House majority.

Without those twelve new Democrats, Republicans would have been as destructive as ever.  And, until we have a Democratic majority, harmful actions will always be the legislative intent and true progress will be just out of reach.

The first step in overcoming the nine-seat State House gap in 2020 is to make sure that our twelve Democratic freshmen have the support they need to win re-election. 

Click the image below to contribute to any or all of the dozen Democratic freshmen.  Your contribution is the first step to winning a new State House Democratic majority. All contributions go directly to your chosen candidate(s).

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