Poor Genevieve Collins – She Can’t Get Press During a Pandemic

While Texans in Dallas and across our state work to pay bills and keep themselves and their families safe, Genevieve Collins complains that she can’t get on TV.
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In a self-absorbed video exchange with partisan activists, Trump Republican CD32 candidate Genevieve Collins revealed her main concern during a pandemic which has killed hundreds of Texans and thousands of other Americans.

The concern? She can’t get on TV.

Watch Collins complain about not getting earned media:

Many Texas candidates and elected officials are holding telephone town-halls and online discussions to provide urgent medical information or to help connect people with economic support to overcome the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Genevieve Collins is taking a different, self-serving approach. Collins attended a virtual reelection rally for Trump and later appeared with a small group of Republican student activists — spending almost an hour focused on a list of Trump-style grievances, complaining about everything from Nancy Pelosi to local regulations. She’s also been fundraising off the outbreak.

Oddly Trump-like while complaining about Trump

Genevieve Collins’ self-absorbed observations and her disconnection from what reality is like for most Texans are similar to Donald Trump’s self-centered and distorted view of the health dangers and economic peril Americans are facing. Her most Trump-like attribute might be the very fact she resents Donald Trump being able to get press attention while she can’t.

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