Lone Star Spotlight: House District 100 State Representative Lorraine Birabil

Since taking office, House District 100 Representative Lorraine Birabil has been a master of multitasking – simultaneously addressing public health, economic and criminal justice crises.
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Effective from the start

Seldom has a newly-elected Texas State House Member so quickly stepped up to provide effective and badly-needed services to their constituents.
Since taking office, House District 100 Representative Lorraine Birabil has been a master of multitasking – simultaneously addressing public health, economic and criminal justice crises. Rep. Birabil has effectively communicated with her Dallas-area constituents and provided much-needed resources to those suffering from the global COVID-19 pandemic, all while leading efforts to reform Texas’ broken criminal justice system.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Rep. Birabil’s office has sent nearly 1,000 facemasks to at-risk constituents and engaged members of the community through a series of town halls focused on resources for seniors, small businesses, and unemployed Texans. When the constituents of House District 100 have needed the services of an effective State Representative the most, Birabil and her team have been a phone call away.

Representative Birabil was elected in a Special Election Run-off in late 2019 to complete the term of former State Representative and now Dallas Mayor, Eric Johnson. She got no post-election break, though. Lorraine had to keep campaigning for the 2020 nomination, which won’t be decided until a run-off on July 14th . All the while, she has been one of the most active and effective Representatives in our state.

Already a leader on police and criminal justice reform

Calling on the Governor, demanding swift action
Just days following the horrific murder of George Floyd, Rep. Birabil called on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to call an emergency special session to address the rise in police violence against the black community. Rep. Birabil’s call received immediate and far reaching attention from across the state, moving the statewide conversation toward actionable steps the Texas Legislature must take to end police violence in communities of color. Watch Austin’s KXAN segment on Rep. Birabil’s call for a special session.

Crafting real reforms to move our state forward
In times of crisis, many elected officials use their platform for self-promotion and fail to deliver for their constituents. Rep. Birabil and her legislative team buck the trend and are already hard at work crafting effective and targeted legislation to address police violence.

Rep. Birabil has announced she will file the ‘See Something, Say Something’ Bill during the next session to require law enforcement officers to file a formal report if they witness an act of police brutality or misconduct. Rep. Birabil’s straightforward proposal addresses much of what was seen in Minneapolis when police officers who witnessed the murder of George Floyd stood silently as a member of their community was murdered. Watch Rep. Birabil discuss her legislation on WFAA’s Inside Texas Politics.

Creating a culture of community leadership
Rep. Birabil organized community leaders for a #SayTheirNames demonstration to honor the lives lost to excessive force by law enforcement. She and over two dozen prominent members of the Dallas African American community gathered at Freedman’s Memorial Cemetery, an unmarked grave for African Americans, to honor the lives of so many taken far too soon. Watch NBC 5’s segment on the #SayTheirNames demonstration.

Help Lorraine Win in 2020

The best of politics is when voters choose the very best of public servants. District 100 voters made an outstanding choice in electing Lorraine Birabil in House District 100. Lorraine has earned our trust and deserves our support to help her win the 2020 Democratic nomination on July 14th.

You can contribute directly to Lorraine here.

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