Trump’s GOP Does Thinking for Pete Flores

Pete Flores supports EVERY position laid out in the Texas Republican Party Platform
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Want to know where Republican State Senator Pete Flores stands on the issues? No need to ask him. Just check the Texas Republican Party platform.

Flores has made it clear he supports the entire Republican Party of Texas Platform. In fact, in comments during a public panel discussion, he said he voted for every resolution in the document.

View the video here:

By confirming his endorsement of all tenets of the GOP platform, Flores has committed to actively attempting to implement the most extreme ideological declarations espoused by the right wing—policy proposals that would curb Texas’ economic prosperity and freedom.

After receiving heavy support from fringe right-wing operations like Empower Texans, Flores has not hesitated to proudly align himself with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and anti-Texas policies like “bathroom bill” legislation, which would cost the state billions in lost revenue. It was widely panned by the business community but remains in the Party Platform.

The GOP Platform includes a litany of draconian anti-equality measures on social justice in addition to economic recommendations that would stunt the prosperity of everyday Texans. In his full-throated support for the entire GOP platform, Flores has endorsed:

  • Denying access to healthcare to roughly 1.5 million Texans through his refusal to expand Medicaid.
  • Repeal of the Minimum Wage Act, a measure that would put the livelihoods of millions of Texans at risk.
  • Support of defunding of our public school system through the support of private school vouchers.

Newly-elected state GOP Chairman Allen West, a bombastic Floridian, has already made it clear that Texas Republicans will show no signs of moderation, so expect the state GOP to continue to push for these and other anti-Texas policies.

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