Carrie Isaac Uses Trump-style Scam to Swindle Veterans

Republican candidate took nonprofit funds to pay her herself
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Hays and Blanco County voters don’t have to look to Washington and Donald Trump to find a politician who scams charities to enrich themselves. They’ve got House District 45 Republican Carrie Isaac right in their own backyard.

The Austin American-Statesman exposed the scandal earlier this year when it detailed that of the $250,00 Isaac’s nonprofit brought in during 2018, less than 1% of its expenditures went to the nonprofit’s reported purpose – to connect disabled veterans with employment. The only other expense the group made was to pay Isaac’s salary as its Executive Director.

Why wasn’t there oversight and some assurance that the money would not all be skimmed into Isaac’s pocket? Isaac campaign donors even sat on the board of the nonprofit.

When called out for her actions, Isaac lashed out in typical Trump-fashion, fabricating claims that the media and Democrats were out to get her and Donald Trump.

Sticking with Trump

Isaac’s allegiance to Donald Trump has been apparent from the outset. Unfortunately, she not only defends and promotes Trump — she has adopted his corrupt behavior.

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