Matt Krause: Trump’s Anti-Science Ally

Tarrant County Republican Matt Krause Opposes Vaccines, Supports Fringe Anti-Science Group
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Since first elected to the Texas House of Representatives, District 93 Republican Matt Krause has made it clear – anti-vaxxers have his ear and his support. Scientists and doctors? Not so much.

Matt Krause is recognized as one of the most ideologically extreme State House members and even serves as a leader within the Tea Party-based Freedom Caucus. Krause’s dangerous anti-science views on vaccinations, however, set him apart from other off-the-edgers in the House. Krause moves in lock-step with anti-vaxxers, taking their money, their endorsements, and pushing their legislation.

Champion for Anti-Vaxxers

Matt Krause has given fringe, anti-vaxxer groups such as Texans for Vaccine Choice (TFVC) a home in the Texas Legislature. TFVC consistently opposes reporting requirements for vaccine use in areas such as schools and public health. Krause was the lead author for several of their pet legislative initiatives including HB 1124 in 2017 and HB 1490 in 2019.

The group has called Krause its “Champion Legislator.” When responsible Texans cited doctors and voiced their concerns over one of his bills that would block tracking vaccine usage, Matt Krause said he would be willing to scrap that language only if he got permission from Texans for Vaccine Choice.

Pandemic? What Pandemic?

It’s no surprise that the poster boy for anti-vaxxers supports the group that called COVID-19 contact tracing “government surveillance.” Just weeks after local officials across Texas saved lives by issuing stay-at-home orders, Krause said he intends to strip those officials’ emergency powers next legislative session. He argued for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and voted against protecting volunteer emergency responders from termination during a disaster. Krause has taken up Donald Trump’s “it is what it is” approach to the deadly COVID- 19 virus, shrugging off over 17,500 Texas COVID deaths and over 225,000 deaths nationally.

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