LSP Statement: Abbott and Republicans Launch “Cheat-to-Win Strategy”

Abbott, Bettencourt and Cain lay out bills to Stop Texans from Voting
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Statement from LSP Director Matt Angle:

“Today, shamefully, Governor Abbott, Senator Bettencourt and Representative Cain laid out a plan to attack Democracy at its core – our basic right to vote. It’s a cheat-to-win approach that is fundamentally un-American and shows utter disrespect for our laws and the Constitution itself.

Cheating is always the first tool Greg Abbott reaches for during elections. As both Texas Attorney General and as Governor, Abbott has shown that even the notion of high turnout and fair elections terrifies him and the Republicans still clinging to power in Texas.

The 2020 elections in Texas went smoothly while Texans voted in record numbers. In fact, the only disruptions were caused by Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton filing frivolous lawsuits when they felt things slipping away.

In an attempt to distract Texans from his spectacular failure during the recent ice storm, Greg Abbott showed his fear and his hand today. Abbott doesn’t trust Texas voters, doesn’t trust fair elections, and doesn’t think Republicans can win under a fair and legal democratic system. Their plan is to cheat-to-win.”

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