CD-30 Runoff

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Other Research:

Jasmine Crockett welcomed 2 million dollars in campaign support from out-of-state cryptocurrency billionaires who want her help in Congress to block President Biden’s plan to stop criminals from using cryptocurrency to commit serious crimes like child sex trafficking.

Cite: Texas Tribune, 02/11/2022; The White House, 03/09/2022.

Links: Texas Tribune, The White House

As state representative, did not even show up in Austin to fight or vote against the Republican law that has made it more difficult to vote.  Even though she had three chances to fight for our district and vote NO, the official record shows Crockett missed all three votes with UNEXCUSED Absences. 

Cite: Texas House Journal, 08/26/2021, 08/27/2021, 08/31/2021.


Brags about being an effective legislator, but the facts are she did not pass a single bill in Austin, one of only a handful of representatives from either party who failed to do so.

Cite: Texas Legislature Online, 03/17/2022.

Links: Texas Legislature Online

Crocket criticized President Biden during his 2020 campaign and said she would not have picked Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Cite: Dallas Morning News, 01/20/2022.

Links: The Dallas Morning News, Barbershop Conversations Youtube

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