Crypto-Crockett Doubles Down on Bitcoin Billionaires

Jasmine Crockett ”welcomed” over $2.5 million to buy her a seat in Congress
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If crypto SuperPACs are worried that TX CD30 candidate Jasmine Crockett won’t stay bought after they spent over $2.5 million to prop up her campaign for Congress, they can relax.

In an interview with Texas Tribune reporter Andrew Zhang, Crockett made clear that she’s hanging tight with her out-of-state bitcoin benefactors. Shrugging off legitimate concerns about criminal abuse, reckless speculation, and investor dangers of cryptocurrency, Crockett said:

“Crypto tears, baby, crypto tears,” Crockett told the Tribune, pointing to a campaign pamphlet. “The mailers are beautiful though, I’m just saying.”

The snarky comment from Crockett comes as unregulated cryptocurrency has proven to be highly volatile and rife for abuse and criminal activity. Crypto SuperPACs want to build a firewall in Congress to block the Biden Administration and others concerned about cryptocurrency abuse.

Recent headlines reveal the danger of entirely unregulated cryptocurrency:

Television and Radio Ads Called Out Crockett for Her Sell Out to Crypto SuperPACs

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