Texas House Democrats Smack Down Private School Vouchers

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle
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“Democrats put up the votes to kill private school vouchers on the Texas House floor today. The key amendment eliminating vouchers passed 84 to 63. ALL Democrats present cast their vote against vouchers. Democrats made up 75 percent of the votes that took vouchers down. Conversely, 73 percent of Texas House Republican members voted to rob and dismantle Texas public schools.

“The vote to kill vouchers is a humiliating smack-down of Greg Abbott and MAGA Republican forces who are hell-bent on destroying public education in Texas by grabbing public school money from Texas kids and pushing it into the pockets of private school corporations, political extremists, and unaccountable private academies.

“Don’t expect Greg Abbott and the MAGA forces he serves to end their attack on public schools. Abbott and Texas Republicans broadly have fully embraced the ideologues’ disdain for public good over political control. It will take Democrats finally convincing Texas voters to reject state leaders who have sold their souls to MAGA and are fully in league with the national extremists tearing our democratic institutions apart.”


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