LSP Video: Abbott to Campaign with a Sexual Predator

Texans will judge Greg Abbott by the company he keeps
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The Lone Star Project Video below contrasts Greg Abbott’s claims that he’ll protect Texas women and girls – with the words of his pal Ted Nugent – who brags about his abuse of minors.

Greg Abbott has crisscrossed our state publicly promising to protect Texas women and children – while he’s been making plans to appear at campaign events with an admitted sexual predator.

Ted Nugent and Greg Abbott will be onstage together this week at two campaign rallies – Denton and Wichita Falls.

Nugent may be a burned-out rock and roll star turned right-wing poster boy, who’s known for outrageous behavior – but his real history is more than outrageous.

Ted Nugent has confirmed his many sexual encounters with underage girls and brags about his skill at talking their parents into trusting him with their young daughters.

He convinced the mother of an underage teen girl to give him custody of her daughter so that Nugent could travel with her, and continue using her sexually, without inviting suspicion or scrutiny.

Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle calls on Greg Abbott to cancel his appearances with Nugent and condemn his abuse of underage girls.

“Greg Abbott is joining forces with an admitted sexual predator to help boost his campaign. Unless Abbott cancels the appearances and publicly condemns Ted Nugent, he will have forfeited any claim to basic moral decency and exposed a fundamental lack of character that disqualifies him for public office in Texas.”

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