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Our Texas Challenge

Defeating Republicans in Texas is hard and not for the faint-hearted. Every dollar invested and every hour spent must be focused on finding and helping responsible Democrats replace failed Republicans.

Beating Republicans is our bottom line. That’s why investment in the Lone Star Project is a commitment to doing the hard work to win tough elections. The Lone Star Project applies years of broad-based political experience to give targeted candidates and allied organizations the essential political tools and services they can’t otherwise find or afford.

Our work doesn’t just strengthen individual campaigns, it enhances the efforts of others doing the hard work to elect Texas Democrats.

The Lone Star Project was founded in 2005 and is now widely recognized as one of the most aggressive and effective political research and strategic communications organizations in Texas. The Lone Star Project provides fact based political and issue analysis designed to help individuals, organizations and the press see beyond the rhetoric and misinformation typically provided by the current Republican State Leadership in Texas and Texas Republicans in Washington.

Claims made and positions adopted by the Lone Star Project are supported with specific citations, credible sources and professional research.

The Lone Star Project is organized as both a federal political action committee registered with the Federal Elections Commission and a General-Purpose political action committee registered with the Texas Ethics Commission. The Lone Star Fund is a non-ideological PAC and is not affiliated with the National Democratic Party or the Texas Democratic Party.

What Leaders are Saying About LoneStar Project:

What We Do

The Lone Star Project (LSP) works with targeted Democratic candidates, Labor, and other key progressive allies. Our assistance and services are provided in-kind at no cost to candidates and allies.

Over the last three cycles, the Lone Star Project provided essential support that helped Democrats pick up twelve State House Seats, two State Senate Seats, crucial judicial benches and dozens of county-level seats in North Texas and the Houston area.

LSP conducts in-depth opposition and other political research, including voting and legislative records, uncovered statements, videos, and archived materials on vulnerable Republican candidates and office holders. LSP research gives candidates and allied organizations the information needed to field polls, formulate earned media plans and conduct paid voter communication – including direct mail, television, social media, online advertising, and phone scripts. 

Democratic candidates need good advice and guidance to run successful campaigns. LSP produces valuable training, debate & editorial board materials. LSP State Director, Lisa Turner, brings unmatched experience and expertise in working directly with candidates to prepare for debates, editorial boards and media appearances.

LSP is a credible critic of Texas Republicans, a trusted media source, and a resource for candidates and allies preparing for media appearances. Whether commenting on-the-record, providing background information or prepping candidates and surrogates, the Lone Star Project works to expose Republican failure and promote constructive Democratic alternatives. 

LSP takes an unbiased, non-ideological approach to identify the best opportunities for Texas Democrats. LSP works with Annie’s List, Labor, regional Democratic leaders and other key allies to identify opportunities and determine the best use of Democratic/progressive resources to capture GOP-held seats and protect vulnerable Democrats

LSP is the only partisan Texas-based organization that has been directly involved in redistricting and ballot access litigation. LSP Director, Matt Angle and LSP legal counsel are recognized among the most informed and credible Texas voices on redistricting and voting rights matters. LSP will maintain an ongoing redistricting/voting rights division (working appropriately with our 501(c)(3) affiliate, the Texas Justice and Education Fund) to help protect the rights of Texas voters to participate freely and fully in our elections.