Will Straus Oust Paxton?

Speaker Joe Straus & Paxton State Securities Violations
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The Lone Star Project has learned from sources inside the State Capitol that allies of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus – and perhaps the Speaker himself – may be urging the Travis County District Attorney to move quickly to prosecute Texas Republican AG nominee Ken Paxton for his admitted state securities law violations.

If Paxton is prosecuted and convicted quickly enough, Republicans could replace him on the November ballot – with a simple vote by the State Republican Party Executive Committee.

Establishment Republicans opposed Paxton from the start, and threw their support behind the more moderate Dan Branch. When Branch lost badly, establishment Republicans were left with the grim reality of Paxton’s nomination – despite his ethical problems and strong backing from Tea Party activists. A quick prosecution and conviction could kill two birds with one stone, replacing Paxton and cutting off anti-Straus Texas Tea Party Activists.

To confirm the effort to oust Paxton, the Lone Star Project has, under the Texas Open Records Statutes, requested documents and other information from Joe Straus’s offices, the Travis County District Attorney, the Texas State Securities Board and Straus’ top Lieutenants: Rep. Charlie Geren and Jim Rep. Keffer.

The Travis County District Attorney would likely need the Texas State Securities Board investigative file on Paxton in order to move forward. Uncovering documentation that shows Straus or one of allies is urging the Travis County DA to obtain that file would make it clear that an inside effort to get rid of Paxton is underway.

Note: You can view the Lone Star Project’s requests for documents on our website here.

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