BREAKING: Federal Judge overturns Texas photo ID law

Judge rules against Abbott and finds intentional discrimination by Texas GOP leaders
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Earlier today, Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos in the federal court in Corpus Christi, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs challenging the Texas voter photo ID law. Moreover, the judge ruled that Texas GOP leaders adopted the restrictive voting law with the intent to discriminate against Texas minority citizens. The ruling is a direct blow to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who has spent millions in taxpayer dollars defending discriminatory voting and redistricting laws.

“Greg Abbott and other Texas leaders see voter suppression and discrimination against Texas Hispanics and African Americans as tools to win elections. Fortunately a fair-minded federal judge has shut them down for now,” said Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle.

It is likely that Abbott will immediately appeal in an effort to have the discriminatory voter id law enforced for the November 4th election.

“If Greg Abbott has any concern for justice or for taxpayers footing his legal bills, he will drop any intentions to appeal this decision and immediately call on the legislature to amend the Texas law and bring it into compliance with the Voting Rights Act and the United States Constitution,” continued Matt Angle.

The Lone Star Project joined with others to support the lead plaintiffs in the voter ID case, who were led by US Congressman Marc Veasey. The Veasey plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Chad Dunn (281-382-3754) and J. Gerald Hebert (703-628-4673).

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