Statement of Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle on Newest Court Ruling of Intentional Discrimination by Texas Republican Leaders

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“It’s 2017, yet Republican leaders in Texas are creating headlines straight out of the 1950s.  One Federal Court ruling after another has confirmed that Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and other Texas leaders regularly and intentionally engage in discrimination against Hispanic and African American Texans.
“The Justices who reviewed and ruled on the evidence didn’t mince any words when reaching judgement on the Republican drawn State House districts stating, ‘the Court finds invidious discriminatory purpose underlies Plan H283.’
“Three times this year and six times since just 2011, a federal court has ruled that Texas Republicans intentionally discriminated against Texas citizens.  These rulings expose vicious yet fearful Texas Republican leaders.  Neither Abbott nor Patrick nor any other Republican leader can find the courage or character to try and earn minority voter support.  Instead, they cowardly use their power to rob Texas citizens of their basic voting rights.
“These aren’t liberal courts by any measure.  The two most recent redistricting decisions have been made by a three-judge federal court made up of two justices appointed by Republican Presidents and only one by a Democratic President.

“But, don’t expect Abbott or Patrick or the rest to show remorse or change their ways.  Instead, expect them to appeal and waste millions more in tax dollars defending discrimination.”

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