Crime and No Punishment

Abbott and Texas GOP have allowed Ken Paxton’s Corruption to Fester for Years
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Until recently it was only Texans who suffered through the constant drip of scandalous headlines made by Attorney General Ken Paxton. Paxton’s failed frivolous lawsuit against American democracy has drawn the attention of the nation to his more recent illicit behavior: Under investigation by the FBI for bribery, abuse of his office and other crimes – all the while under felony indictment for securities fraud.

Now that the rest of the country is catching up to Paxton’s proclivity for wrongdoing, we should all be reminded that his transgressions began long before he went pardon hunting.

Paxton uses public office as a platform for business start-ups

Before he became Texas’ chief law enforcement officer, Paxton was an attorney with modest income and no real business interests. After he was elected state representative in 2003, Paxton’s newfound political network led to a drastic increase in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Records show he started nearly thirty businesses in the nine years after taking office.

Broke his pledge to pull-back on business schemes as AG

During his first campaign for Attorney General in 2014, Paxton pledged he would “wind down” his involvement in his outside business dealings. He did not. After entering office, personal financial disclosure forms show he became involved in three new businesses that same year. Each venture included donors to his campaign.

Abbott and other Texas GOP leaders enable Paxton’s corruption

True to form, the Texas GOP has remained virtually silent on renouncing Paxton’s corrupt and felonious behavior at any stage of his political career.

As the legal, ethical and moral problems for him mount, and as the general public calls for him to step down, one thing Ken Paxton does not have to worry about is Governor Greg Abbott or other Texas GOP officials standing in his way or stopping his illegal actions.

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