Cruz A Perpetrator of the Capitol Assault

Cruz’s rhetoric and the rioters expose him as a villain and traitor
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As the impeachment trial of Donald Trump plays out this week, we’ll be told and shown that members of the U.S. Senate are not only jurors but also eyewitnesses and victims of the Trump-incited mob assault on the U.S. Capitol. The notable exception is Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is no victim of the insurrection, he’s a perpetrator. Cruz’s incendiary rhetoric leading up to the assault, along with the words and behavior of violent rioters, make clear that Cruz shares responsibility with Donald Trump for inciting the violent attack on our Capitol that led to the death of 5 people and dozens of police injuries.

Here’s what Cruz said just days before the assault: (VIDEO)

Cruz helped sell the big lie and tried to raise money off the incitement he caused.

With no regard for the consequences of his actions or his duty to protect democracy, Cruz propagated lie after lie to the American people. This is his idea of a great fundraising opportunity – the violent attack on our democratic systems.

Read his fundraising text during the Capitol riot here.

Rioters called Ted Cruz by name to justify their violence

Ted Cruz has never been restrained by truth, not even in the aftermath of a deadly assault on our Capitol. So, it’s no surprise that Cruz is already trying to rewrite the history that exposes him as a villain and traitor. Cruz will feel no loyalty to the rioters who see him as a mentor and will have no problem hypocritically condemning them and the violence he helped incite.

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