Ted Fled, But It’s Abbott Who Left Us To Freeze

Amid one of the worst winter storms the state has ever faced, Texas elected officials abandoned us.
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Responsible Party

Millions of Texans went for days without power, water, or heat in record low temperatures while Greg Abbott sat in his fully heated mansion leaving Texans to suffer. Even after pressure from the press and the public demanded his attention, Abbott ducked, dodged, and lied to shift responsibility away from himself. Abbott falsely pointed to wind turbines and other alternative fuels instead of addressing the real issue – 20 years of one-party Republican control that left the Texas energy grid weakened and unable to handle severe weather.

Now the covers have been pulled back, and Abbott’s incompetence and complicity are apparent for all of Texas to see. Greg Abbott has been either Texas Attorney General or Governor since 2003. Over two decades, rather than provide oversight and enforce service and safety, Abbott made energy providers his cronies and allowed them to skip out on emergency preparation and winterization.

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