Jasmine Crockett Slams Mayor Eric Johnson: “I don’t know if he could run for dog catcher.”

Video shows Crockett continuing her pattern of dishonesty and disrespect for Dallas Democratic leaders
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“Couldn’t get elected dog catcher.”

It’s one of the oldest political insults in the books. Disgraced former President Donald Trump made headlines for attacking political foes with the same line, even calling a former Governor a “fat slob who couldn’t get elected dog catcher.”

Nobody is surprised when Donald Trump uses the oldest political insult in the books, but why does State Rep. Jasmine Crockett (HD-100) resort to the same Trump-style political insults to attack respected Dallas-area Democratic leaders?

In late 2020, Crockett was preparing for her first session. Inexplicably, she attacked Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, who served as the prior state representative for House District 100. She lashed out at Mayor Johnson, saying she didn’t think he could “run for dog catcher,” even though he had served nearly a decade in the legislature and was elected Mayor of Dallas with over 55% of the vote citywide.

Crockett Falsely Attacked Mayor Eric Johnson and Former Representative Terri Hodge

Crockett didn’t stop with her assault on Johnson. She also went after his predecessor, former State Representative Terri Hodge.

Crockett emphatically and falsely said that during his entire time in the State Legislature, Eric Johnson failed to pass a single bill into law. She then doubled down and again falsely claimed that former Rep. Hodge passed only two bills during her many years in office.

A quick check of the Texas State House Journal reveals that Crockett’s comments weren’t just vicious. They were overtly false.

Crockett’s Lies Backfired

Clearly, Jasmine Crockett was trying to create a narrative that she was taking over for ineffective leaders and she would deliver results. She even promised to pass four bills before the Legislature had even met.

But facts matter and, in this case, they condemn Jasmine Crockett. Crockett became the only House District 100 representative to serve during a legislative session and NOT pass a single piece of legislation in nearly half a century.

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