The Truth About “Taxing Tim O’Hare”

Affable but awful Tim O’Hare signals end to mainstream, pro-business Republican nominees.
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Mike Moncrief, Tom Vandergriff, Glenn Whitley – all mainstream, conservative, pro-business leaders who served as Tarrant County Judge. They typify Tarrant leaders over the past several decades as Tarrant County has grown and prospered.

But when Tim O’Hare beat well-liked former Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price in the Republican Primary for County Judge this spring, it signaled the last gasp for mainstream pro-business Republicans in Tarrant County. Their influence has been replaced by those with divisive and extreme views fueled by destructive ideological forces more in line with Trump insurrectionists and Q-Anon crazies than growth and prosperity.

Taxing Tim O’Hare

O’Hare is a relative newcomer who left Dallas County after a failed stint as Mayor of Farmers Branch. He brought a triple load of heavy baggage with him. In Farmers Branch, O’Hare raised property taxes, cut deals with a corrupt red light camera lobbyist, and cost the city over $7 million in legal fees and penalties after pushing an illegal city ordinance.

O’Hare Leads Tarrant Team Crazy

O’Hare’s affable personality and affinity for organizing ideological extremists got him elected Tarrant Republican Party Chair where he consolidated and locked down party control by divisive activists focused on big government social mandates and imagined enemies. The move to push out mainstream conservatives has gotten O’Hare the nomination for County Judge. The question now is will Tarrant County voters turn away from mainstream, fair-minded leadership or surrender to a Tarrant Republican Team Crazy led by Taxing Tim O’Hare?

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