If Jonathan Strickland Deserves Phelan’s Condemnation, So Does Donald Trump

Statement from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle
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Don’t buy Dade Phelan’s fake outrage over Defend Texas Liberty henchman, Jonathan Stickland, arranging a Republican meeting with white supremacist and Nazi apologist, Nick Fuentes. Phelan doesn’t mind their racist, Christo fascist views, he just doesn’t like being the target of their hate.

Phelan says, “We cannot – and must not – tolerate the tacit endorsement of such vile ideologies.” 

Come on. If Nick Fuentes and his views so appall Dade Phelan now, where was his outrage when, less than a year ago, Donald Trump hosted Fuentes at Mar-A-Lago? Trump’s hate summit signaled the political and ideological partnership of national Republicans with extremist fascism. Phelan sat silent, either too timid to say anything or, more likely, uncaring because he has largely benefitted from Texas Republicans collapsing to MAGA.

Up until his swing and miss at criminal Texas AG Ken Paxton that triggered the wrath of Dan Patrick and MAGA acolytes, Phelan was fine with Republicans winning elections and holding office with the support of the hate motivated extremists who control the Republican Party. In fact, he’s been a full partner in their dirtiest work. As House Speaker, Phelan oversaw the adoption of racist Jim Crow-style voting laws along with discriminatory legislative and congressional redistricting plans that systematically undermine Black and Hispanic citizens. 

So, no atta-boys for Dade. Phelan epitomizes those who facilitate and accommodate racism and hate ideology but then fall into hysterics when it comes knocking at their door.  

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