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The Gang that Can’t Count Straight

If you think Washington Republicans set the standard for incompetence and extremism, think again. Texas House Republicans and Greg Abbott have lowered the bar.

Apparently, Greg Abbott forgot to confirm that enough House members were in the Capitol to consider his move to expand the call for the current Special Session that ends in just one week. Abbott sprung a series of weaselly proposals designed to ram private school vouchers down Texans’ throats. But when he sent the expanded call to the Capitol, a bunch of Members – both Republican and Democrat – were not around. Why?

The last official communication from Phelan about a calendar was from last week, so both Democrats and Republicans logically concluded that the House would not consider floor business. So, many stayed in their districts to work on other activities more productive than milling around the State Capitol. It was a boneheaded move by Abbott and another display of incompetence by Phelan.

Republicans Don’t Know a Quorum Break When They See One
Adding extreme and stupid to incompetent, a group of Texas House Republicans held a press conference to slam Democrats for “breaking quorum.” Loud but limited Republican State Representative Craig Goldman (TX HD97 –Fort Worth) led a group of clueless colleagues to slam Democrats, claiming their absence was an intentional effort to block consideration of Abbott’s new proposals.

The problem, of course, is that at least 20 Republicans were also absent. If any quorum break was underway, nearly two dozen Republicans were in on it.

Embarrassing Incompetence, Dangerous Attacks on Kids and Education
The clown-show-incompetence of Abbott, Phelan, and blowhards like Craig Goldman would be funny if it wasn’t all in pursuit of an effort designed to rob funds from Texas public school students to put into the hands of Republican special interest backers who will make a killing from for-profit and other private schools.

The myth that Republican leaders in Austin are somehow more collegial, responsible, and effective than their counterparts in Washington hasn’t been true for many years. A good argument can be made now that Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Dade Phelan, and the cast of hyper-partisans, extreme, and dangerously incompetent Republicans that dominate State House membership sit at the bottom of the barrel.

Contact: Matt Angle

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