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Another Sham Campaign from Convicted Felon Carlos Quintanilla

So Why is the Lone Star Project Paying any Attention to Carlos Quintanilla?
Because he is a convicted felon with a history of criminal and unethical activities
and a record of taking advantage of people in need and the generosity of people
wanting to help those in need. Not only should voters be aware, those who may
be targeted as marks by Quintanilla should be on guard as well. 

Felon Carlos Quintanilla’s Criminal Violation
While living in Chicago, Quintanilla set up a criminal enterprise that swindled donors out of large contributions into a phony charitable organization that he and others looted. He was prosecuted and convicted under federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) statutes.

The Brownsville Observer called Quintanilla a “notorious flim flam man” and listed additional charges including unpaid child support, hot checks, and liens involving property theft.

Here is a link to an official description of Quintanilla’s conspiracy to violate RICO laws.

Below you will see a rap sheet laying out a damning record of some of Quintanilla’ crimes:

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