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Trump Found Guilty on 34 Felony Counts in Hush-Money Case

May 31, 2024

“Donald Trump was charged by a grand jury made up of American citizens.  A jury of his peers was seated with the full participation of his own legal counsel. A trial was held during which Donald Trump was able to mount a full and vigorous defense. Trump declined to testify on his own behalf. He has now been found guilty on 34 of 34 felony charges. Trump will have the full benefit of the appeals process to reverse or revise the guilty verdicts.

It is the responsibility of elected officials from both parties to respect the rule of law and the justice system. Cheering the guilty verdicts is inappropriate and disrespectful. Condemning the process is equally disrespectful and demeaning to the rule of law.

Perhaps naively, I hoped that Texas leaders would refrain from attacking the rule of law. Sadly, from Greg Abbott down, they are already playing the role of Trump’s lackeys, demeaning their offices and surrendering their dignity to lick Trump’s Guccis.”