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What is the Most Important Thing Revealed by the Debate?

Donald Trump CANNOT be allowed in the White House again.

Liar, Conman, Grifter, and other terms describing a destructive and dishonest person don’t come close to describing the danger Donald Trump poses to our nation. In the presidential debate last night, Trump spouted a litany of lies that expose a man who holds American values in contempt. He demonstrated the immorality and broken character of the convicted felon and adjudicated rapist that he is. Trump is a dire threat to national and world security, our economic prosperity, and American democracy itself.

Texas Republicans, from Ted Cruz through Greg Abbott down to local MAGA white nationalist extremists like Tarrant County Judge Tim O’Hare, have demonstrated their contempt for democracy by not just conceding their party to Donald Trump but by repeating and amplifying his attacks on our country and its values.

Watch the video below from CNN journalist Daniel Dale systematically breaking down the litany of lies delivered by an unstable and dangerous Donald Trump.

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