New South Texas Court Ordered Map Released

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Overview of New Map
  • A three-judge panel just released the remedial map correcting the unconstitutional redistricting in South Texas.
  • The court changed the boundaries of 5 Congressional Districts
    • CD 15 – Hinojosa
    • CD 21 – L. Smith
    • CD 23 – Bonilla
    • CD 25 – Doggett
    • CD 28 – Cuellar
  • All Democratic incumbents and Republican Lamar Smith can expect to be easily reelected.
  • The Hispanic population of the 23rd District, currently represented by Henry Bonilla, was increased significantly, but not to the level of the previously Constitutional map from 2002. Under today’s court ordered plan, Bonilla would be favored for reelection, but would not be considered safe. In light of Bonilla’s consistent failure to win the support of Hispanic voters, it is certainly possible for Democrats to claim the seat sometime this decade

To see the full statistics click here a picture of the map and a quick chart of statistics are below.

Court Drawn Congressional Districts – Plan 01438C

Remap Statistics

 2004 Statewide Election Results Under New Map2004 Statewide Election Results under Old Map


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