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DCCC Hits Airwaves in Texas CD23

Texas Democratic Party and DCCC Mobilizing Resources for Rodriguez
Any questions about strong Democratic support at the State and National levels for Ciro Rodriguez’s efforts in Texas CD23 have been put to rest. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) began airing a hard-hitting television ad in two key markets in the runoff election set for December 12th. In Texas, the Texas Democratic Party has already mobilized ground support for Rodriguez and is providing access to its enhanced voter file.

The DCCC ad was arranged and authorized by the DCCC’s Independent Expenditure division. The Federal Campaign division of the DCCC has already placed people on the ground for Rodriguez. DCCC’s national field director, Adrian Saenz recently confirmed, “It’s a competitive enough race that we’re going to be involved in it… We’re pretty deep into the campaign.” (Source: San Antonio Express-News, November 17, 2006) In addition to Saenz being on the ground in District 23, Vanessa Gonzalez has been dispatched from the DCCC to serve as campaign spokeswoman. (Source: San Antonio Express-News, November 22, 2006)

Texas Democratic Party Also In Early

The Texas Democratic Party has also quickly moved to provide the maximum level of support allowed by federal law. The TDP has provided its enhanced voter file and professional ground support to the Rodriguez campaign. In a letter to Democrats, TDP Chairman Boyd Richie said, “I assure you the TDP will do everything possible to help Ciro win this election and increase the Democratic majority in congress.” (Source: Letter from Boyd Richie to SDEC Members and County Chairs, November 16, 2006)

Lone Star Project Ad Fact Check

Claim: Henry Bonilla voted to cut billions in veterans’ benefits

TRUE: Henry Bonilla voted for House Concurrent Resolution 95, “that calls for deep cuts in veterans’ benefits, including a $15 billion cut in VA programs.” (Source: Philadelphia Daily News, April 2, 2003, House Clerk -Roll Call Vote # 82)

Claim: Henry Bonilla voted against extending health care to the National Guard

TRUE: Henry Bonilla voted against allowing an amendment to House Resolution 1815 that would, “permanently extend health care coverage to National Guard and Reserve members and their families.” (Source: House Clerk -Roll Call Vote #221, Associated Press, May 27, 2006)

Claim: Ciro Rodriguez backed fully funding veterans’ health care

TRUE: Ciro Rodriguez voted yes for a motion on House Joint Resolution 2 that, “urged House conferees to agree to the highest spending possible in HJ Res 2 for veterans and homeland security” (Source: House Clerk- Roll Call Vote #221, The Washington Post, February 6, 2003)

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